About 2bFit

What is Centre de Santé 2bfit?

A One Stop Shop Wellness Centre!

Centre de Santé 2bfit is a dynamic health care facility that provides a non-judgmental environment for the health-conscious as well as for those seeking to improve their performance level. We compliment the Centre with a team of multidisciplinary professionals and offer an array of services within 15,000 sqft. space.

Our facility includes a Health Bar, Gym, Conference Room, Paramedical Clinic, stretching Room and a Group Fitness studio. It is the largest and only facility of its kind in the city of LaSalle. Open to all, our health bar features complete on the go meals, smoothies, drinks and snacks. Our gym members benefit from personal and/or group training, boot camps, martial art and Zumba classes. We have periodic lectures on; Eating healthy, proper supplement usage and problematic lower back problems, etc. The paramedical clinic helps those in search of alternative treatment to medicine and those in search of rehabilitation or those simple trying to maintain, correct or improve mobility. Finally, the stretching room, a place of peace and concentration, connects the mind and body and spirit through stretching and meditation.

All said, we are exceptionally proud of our whole health Centre and all it offers, but much more can be said for the professionals who make it happen, they have all been handpicked and come certified with the highest qualifications. With diverse expertise in manual therapy, Kineseology, and fitness and nutrition. they are dedicated to give each and every one of our clients a personalized service.

Our paramedical team at Centre de santé 2bFit consists of osteopaths, massage therapists, naturopaths, physiotherapists, acupuncturist, chiropractors, podiatrists, reiki master, reflexologists and other specialists. Our therapists have been selected not only for their skill(s) but also for their passion for taking care of their patients.