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Make an escape to the 2bFit clinic, where our highly skilled massage therapists, osteopaths and physicians bring you the ultimate in rejuvenation services.
Elevate your health and wellness to a new level. Our experienced  Therapists undergo hundreds of hours of specialized education to create truly customized therapies that best suit your unique needs. Through careful consideration of your individual constitution, your Therapist will design a treatment that also offers transformation, rejuvenation and a stillness of mind.

Osteopathy is a manual therapy modality. It's main goal is to help rescore the human body's natural equilibrium and harmony (“treating the whole body”). Osteopathy is a discipline based on the anatomy, physiology and biomechanics of the human body. The patient is treated with a global approach, so rather than simply treating the symptom, the body is treated as a whole entity. Patients of all ages benefit from osteopathy.

The osteopath, with the use of different techniques will treat the body on many different levels such as articular, visceral, cranial and fascial. This approach differentiates itself from others because it is aimed at discovering the cause of the problem rather than simply focusing on the symptoms.

The key is to keep the different structures of the human body mobile. A loss in mobility causes functional as well as circulatory and/or nervous limitations. This loss in mobility can cause repercussions locally and possibly distally by forcing the body to compensate in other areas in order to maintain its equilibrium.

The osteopath's job, therefore, is to make sure that the different elements of the body remains mobile in order to allow the body to function properly and remain healthy. In hopes of offering optimal care to our patients, osteopathy has become one of the essential services offered at Centre de santé 2bFit.


Osteopathy and its benefits

* Remove the underlying cause of pain

* Reduce pain and stiffness in muscles and joints

* Increase the range of motions in the joints

* Treat spinal problems resulting from poor posture or spinal disk injuries

* Relieve chronic pain through non-invasive treatment

* Decrease the stress on the joints

* Reduce tension in the body

* Relieve tension headaches and migraine headaches

* Help the body to adapt to hormonal and structural changes during pregnancy



Passionate about massages, our massage therapists have the care and the ease to guide you towards a deep rooting and internalization of this unique experience. Creating a customized massage by selecting the most suitable elements amongst different techniques, they are masters in the art of marrying creativity, intuition and knowledge. More than a period of relaxation, the massage therapy helps diminish physical problems caused by stress, back pain, loss of energy, insomnia, etc.

Massage therapy can bring about physical, mental and emotional changes. The benefits can vary from individual to individual.


Massage and its benefits

* Lowers blood pressure                        * Promotes better sleep             * Reduces mental stress

* Reduces heart rate                              * Calms a bad temper

* Loosens tight muscles                        * Induces mental relaxation

* Reduces chronic pain                         * Improves concentration

Physiotherapy is a health care field that treats and prevents disorders in human movement caused by injury and disease. It helps the individuals who have problems affecting the musculo-skeletal system to find a functional level. Everyone can benefit from physiotherapy whether you are living with a chronic illness or recovering from a work injury. For seniors, chronically sick individuals, and the disabled, physiotherapy helps to restore and maintain their physical function to a level that permits them to enjoy an independent lifestyle. Our patients can expect to improve their balance, stamina, force and coordination.



Physiotherapy and its benefits

* Decreasing pain

* Improving joint mobility

* Increasing strength and coordination and improved cardio-respiratory function

* Pain reduction or elimination

* Better functionality

* Management of Age-Related problems

* Helps reduce medication intake


Acupuncture points are found on the surface of your body and at very specific locations along themeridians. Mapped and documented for thousands of years by Asian societies (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, etc.), these points have their own characteristics and indications.

The selection and method of stimulation of these points are determined by the acupuncturist and based on Traditional Chinese Medicine energy and pattern diagnosis. By selecting a combination of points, the treatment will have an effect on one or more bodily organs, areas or functions, and therefore act on a set of varied symptoms related to the initial cause of the imbalance.

Acupuncture is a unique therapeutic method that enables us to influence and treat the interior by using a synergy of points on the exterior aspect of our bodies.


Acupuncture and its benefits


Analgesic: The most commonly known effect of acupuncture is the relief or reduction of pain

Sedation: Acupuncture decreases the delta and theta wave activity in the brain resulting in deep relaxation and/or sleep. This affect allows an acupuncturist to effectively treat conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, addictions, epilepsies, mental disorders and stress.

Psychological: There is a calming and tranquilizing action in addition to the sedative affect. Measureable changes in brain chemistry have been observed.

Homeostatic: This refers to the internal state of the body returning to a natural balance. This involves the sympathetic, parasympathetic divisions of the nervous system and endocrine system.

Immune Enhancing: Acupuncture can strengthen the body against disease.

Restauration: by stimulating the points and aiming for a free flow of energetic circulation, acupuncture helps local circulation, tissus oxygenation and regeneration in order to promote the natural healing aspects of our bodies.

Group Fitness

Group Fitness
Boot Camp & Band
Martial Arts

Join in on the fun and torch the calories off in the group fitness studio. Our experienced and charasmatic instructors will lead and motivate you through an hour of action-packed fitness.  Try spinning with friends to get your heart pumping, or dance, laugh, and sweat in our Zumba classes.  


Come ride with us as our group fitness studio transforms into a 30- bike, exclusive spinning studio! 60-minutes of heart pumping tunes,  with a great group dynamic that will keep you motivated as you climb, accelerate and sprint.

Welcome to 2bFit Zumba classes. A combination of Latin rhythms and easy to learn dance moves, you will be dancing to get fit in no time. With every dance step, our minds and bodies are freed as we burn and sweat our way to fitness.
A full body workout for all fitness levels. Engage your muscles and tone up using body weight exercises, free weights and resistance bands.

Boxing (specialty class)
Get a total body workout while you learn to box. This specialty class will teach you technique and improve skills while burning up calories with dozens of boxing drills. Participants must bring own wraps, gloves, and skipping rope.
Tuesdays 9am
Thursday 5:30pm
Saturday 11:00am

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Personal Training

Personal Training

The 2bFit gym is an integral part of our Wellness Centre. our most credentialed coaches are committed to helping you realize your infinite potential through lifestyle management, in and out of the gym. This is training without limits, only at 2bFit. Our dedication and commitment is to your health and fitness. Let us tailor a customized weight training and weight loss program to meet your specific goals.


Come discuss your goals with a trainer today!

Health Bar

Health Bar
Meals to go!
Juice Bar
Jump-start your day with a fine healthy cuisine or a healthy smoothie from the 2bFit Health bar. We use natural ingredients, or powerful natural supplements to invigorate your taste buds and revitalize the mind and body.
We offer complete fresh made meals delivered straight from Yuma.

Gourmet Coffee, Teas, Water,  bottled Juices and Snacks.

Make your own Smoothies/Shakes
Choose your Fruit(s)
Choose your Liquid
Fruit Juices
2% Milk
Skim milk powder
Vanilla Ice Cream
Add a supplement
Whey Protein
Plant-Based Protein
Wheat Germ
Seminar and Workshops


Centre de Santé 2bfit believes in life-long learning. Understanding how to improve our quality of life is key to our health and wellness. 2bFit welcomes experts in various fields to share their knowledge and understanding, in hope that we can all become the best versions of ourselves.

Nutrition Counselling




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