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The 2bFit gym is an integral part of our Wellness Centre. our most credentialed coaches are committed to helping you realize your infinite potential through lifestyle management, in and out of the gym. This is training without limits, only at 2bFit. Our dedication and commitment is to your health and fitness. Let us tailor a customized weight training and weight loss program to meet your specific goals.

We strive to progressively expand our unique vision through the health, fitness, wellness, and medical communities on a global level to profoundly impact the current world-wide mindset toward health and wellness.

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Training experience 8 years, Canfitpro Certification, training programs, 1 on 1 or group training, meal plans. Mens Physique competitor.


Sam Michael

I have pursued m interest in becoming a master personal trainer and massage therapist. Different training concepts and techniques have refined my ability to attend people's needs. Qualifications: -Master trainer -Personal trainer-Creating customized programs-Weight management-Sport specific training-Injury rehabilitation.